Working throughout Sydney providing Mobile Bar Services for Birthdays, Engagments, Coperate Functions and more. From your backyard Garden to a Rooftop Party - in Nomadic Spirit we wander to where you are 






It's as easy as ...

   1.                2.              3.

Don't be shy 
Contact us and let us know
How many guests ?
When is the event ?
Where is the event ?
What type of event is it ?
Once your date is booked in we create a menu together. Us Nomads will exactly calculate what and how much Alcohol is needed.
Then we send you a Shopping list of how much Alcohol you will need to buy.
Alcohol is to be provided by the host - We cannot sell alcohol due to Australian Liqour Laws.
Yup ! Thats it, we will do the rest. 
Well meet you at the Bar later xo



We are a Mobile Bartending Service that provide a unique and enjoyable experience for your guests. We believe paying attention to the finer details matter, and is what separates the good from the great. With our professional and experienced staff you will be surely impressed with our service 

Need a smooth running pop up bar at your next big event, or maybe you need something a little extra special for a small gathering ? Not sure how to bring it all togther ? 

Don't fret we've done this plenty of times and can proudly say we offer


The Best Value Mobile Bar Service in Sydney.